$95 million          Sexual harassment/sexual assault/negligence verdict (member of plaintiff's trial team—largest individual sexual harassment verdict in the United States as of 2011)

$18 million          Sexual harassment/paternity suit

$12 million          Sexual harassment (via telephone)

$4.725 million     Sexual harassment/rape by supervisor where statute of limitations had run/retaliation

$3.75 million       Gender/age discrimination

$3.75 million       Sexual harassment by CEO where statute of limitations had run/retaliation

$2.3 million         Sexually hostile work environment/sexual assault by supervisor (four plaintiffs)

$1.8 million         National origin discrimination (four plaintiffs)

$1.5 million         Age discrimination

$1.425 million     Sexual harassment via Skyping by CEO

$1.355 million     Age discrimination/whistleblower

$1.35 million       Race discrimination/retaliation (three plaintiffs)

$1.2 million         Sexually hostile work environment against correctional facility

$930,000              Staircase fall at Mexican resort, broken back

$800,000             Pregnancy discrimination

$700,000             Sexual harassment (via exposure)

$750,000             Sexually hostile work environment (two plaintiffs)

$675,000             Motor vehicle accident, broken back

$625,000             Sexual harassment (via text messaging)

$600,000             Age discrimination

$425,000             Sexual assault

$237,500             Staircase fall, broken ankle

$120,000             Slip and fall on ice, broken ankle

*Outcomes obtained prior to November 2015 formation of McBrayer Law. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.